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SBR & their shipping

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Ive given SBR more then enough oppertunities at this point. Overall they seem to sell a lot of parts they do not actually have in stock, EVEN when I call to verify that they have them in stock. In the past I ordered a greddy strut tower bar, they never informed me it was backordered essentially forever...(They never emailed me telling me of this or refunded the paypal until they got them in) when I found this out they would not refund my paypal and would only give me store credit. I used this (store credit) on Goodridge brake lines, which were "in stock" and then took over a month to get! I later had issues with a defective "new 16G" which turned out to be way too much hassle to return, even never being installed! About a month ago my brother ordered a set of goodridge brake lines for his 1G. I made him call before he ordered them (and order on the phone) and they were "in stock" well its been about a month and they are still not here. Called today and they were never sent out at all! They said theyd be out today and get here to MD today or tomorrow(friday)... however the tracking number says monday! I mean come on shipping should be next day or refunded due to their fault on shipping.
I dont have a problem overall with their quality of the parts or prices... their shipping simply sucks... sooooooooo slow beware of this if you need parts fast.
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i ordered some t-bolt clamps from them, received them a month and a few days later in a banged up box, i accepted them because they all looked in good shape, i go try to put them on and only 4 of them were the size that i watned. i called them up and they sent me a tag to send em back, so i did. The new clamps should be here monday, im waiting to see the outcome of this.
wow. i have not had a single problem with sbr personally. i ordered 90% of my upgrades from them over the span of a few months and nothing took more than a week to get. next time you call to order something, talk to Mark. another fellow dsmer, Josh (dsmwookie) talks to Mark as well and hasnt had any problems.
I have only purchased one item from SBR and it was a Cast Manifold w/ 7cm Gasket (NEW AND IMPROVED). I purchased it Sunday Morning, expecting it to be shipped by tuesday ( Got it tapped for a wastegate ) and it was shipped, for free. My only problem is that it will not be here until Monday, I really needed to get it put on this weekend, since my stock turbo died and I am borrowing a friends turbo. I wanted to get mine on this weekend. All in all, I am a little disappointed in the fact that I could not upgrade my shipping to 2-day. We will see how it mounts up and hopefully it comes with a gasket.
i had no problems with their shipping, always 2 days 4 days at most, i had them send out one cam gear when i ordered pair but they sent the other one like 2 days after i told them i only got one gear. I will keep purchasing from them as they never gave me any trouble or reason to stop next purchase will be 3 inch turbo back exhaust.
my best friend that built his 6 bolt in a 98 GSX got alot of stuff from them his set up was EVERY supporting mod (AEM EMS, All fuel, FMIC, exc) ran a fp 3052 turbo, manley rods, ross pistons, good head with HKS's, Thermal exhaust, downpipe?i dotn remember. Well he ordered a "new" crank from them along with EVERYTHING else except turbo and a couple other thangs. he got it up and running AMS in chicago tuned it. Put out over 450 hp @ 22psi on a conservative tune (for being his daily drive) and bairly broken it at 4k miles, well at 6500 mile the crank snapped and after close inspection the crank had been turned 2 TIMES PRIOR to us using it. Even on the recite it said NEW 6 bolt Crank. Well after calling and talking to them they wont reimberse for any of it, wont give him a new crank. OHH AND on the webpage the exact word "New 6 Bolt Crank" icon quickly turned into "Reman'd or Turned 6 bolt crank" we were shitty. Ohh well good thing hes got money, just spend another 6 grand on new block, CRANK, pisont, head exc... this time doing it right at the 2.3L baby ;)
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thanks for the info.

What confuses me is what makes ppl go back after they've had a bad experience with slowboy. Maybe you're cursed forever just looking at their website and just can't resist throwing more money at their lapps. :D
I have never seen a shop with so many bad feedbacks yet they have grown so big and continue to prosper, they must be doing something right. hmmm...

I have bought a bit of stuff of slowboy and have had no probs and it was about 9 days to my doorstep in Australia, i found Matt and Cragger quite helpful during emailing to make sure that i did get the right parts the first time, i would deal with them againin the future.
I've ordered 12 grand worth of parts from them, everything was always packed properly and worked great. However, all the parts took much longer then expected to receive. My 16g turbo took 2 months to get, but when I emailed them to ask about shipping they sent me a fully ported evo3 turbo instead to make up for it. So my experience is that I trust them, great parts, but slow shipping.
Ordered a SBR massive FMIC.... It came in a beat up box that looked like it was open..

The coils were dmged and looked like it was a used fmic because it was marked up and discolored.

I didnt check for leaks or anything but if it does have them, Ill be pissed.

Shipping was ok though, took like 2-3 days.
I've had numerious orders with SBR, they probabally add up to $5K or more. Due to time restraints on my part, none of the parts have been installed :( and some have been received over a year ago :eek: .
Anyhow, they have been very helpful to me both on the phone and e-mail.
Shipping has been fine with the exception of HKS cams. They were on backorder on every vendor I got in contacted, includling SBR. SBR was very forward about the delay it would take to get me the cams, they guessed about 3 months and they arrived in about 2.5 months. The rest of the order came in different shippments but all within a two week period.

I'm sorry to hear about your problems, hopefully things will work out.
I ordered a set of OEM valves, boost gauge, and top end gasket kit. Well after about 4 days I just thought I'd call SB and ask where about my stuff was. Well it turns out that they had some problems with my shipping address. And they did not even call me they wore just gonna sit on their ass. So after getting the that out of the way they said it would have it shipped out by friday. So friday comes around and well I get a box and low and behold I only got my boost gauge. so after them not picking up the phone on Sat. (biz hours) I just called back first thing Monday. Talked to them again and they said they had some kind of shipping problem in Florida and that they would be here by Friday. SO finally they came in this last friday a whole 2 and a half weeks I got my whole order. An order that was supose to take 5-6 biz days!

yeah my pistons were at a UPS station for a week before I had to track them down 3 weeks after I ordered them
I ordered their FMIC and i was pleased with their overall customer support, and quality of their products. Cragger at slowboy was very helpful when i had any questions. The only complaint was that the coils on the core had a little damage, but i cant really blame that on SBR..
More or less my issue with them is with shipping and their lack of informing the customer that the parts are back ordered, or will take a while to get. In regards to why I went back... I figured i would give them another chance and that they are close, however theyve lost me.
i ordered an exhaust manifold on august 1st and received it around october 18th(give or take a couple of days) from SBR. props to them for quick delivery.
As with any job position, there aren't alway the right people in the right places, and this is something we here at SBR have tried to straighten out. We've gone through a few good DSMr's that just weren't oriented right for the job. We have also put new practices in place to help assure customers that back order parts etc. will be made known by email or phone.
***On a side note, if you order, give us a valid email, we get quite a few bounced emails from this and don't have the time to hunt down the right one***

I personally am now responsible for shipping all products from our location and Chris is doing all dropshipped or custom ordered pieces and both of us can tell you any info you need on your order.

We are extremely busy, and I appologize for any issues prior to this time, we are growing faster than anyone could keep up with without a hiccup occasionlly.

If there is a time sensitive product you need, ASK the salesperson, don't just assume it's in stock because manufacturers delay us more than we'd like a lot of times and we sell things out of stock very quickly w/out warning to the sales force.

As for my own personal experience before working here, I was a DSMer 5 years previous and there were vendors I wouldn't buy from in this community and now we deal with them, and it's ashame I made that decision because they do very well for us, but things do happen and all we can do is hope to make it right after the fact.

I could go on and rant about customers and manufacturers, but there isn't time enough in our day for that.

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I had no clue you got a job over there Curt. News to me. :)
I hope their issues can be straightened out because like said above, I can't believe people have continued to go back after all of the issues I read about on this and other forums.
Well, my manifold has arrived, a day late but that was because I was not home to sign for it. All appears well, it looks nice but it didnt come with a block or screws for the wastegate hole, appeared to have one in the picture. I plan on putting a wastegate on it but the problem is, if I upgrade or downgrade in the future I will have no way to block it off. Another problem is that it doesnt come with any sort of exhaust gasket. It does come with one for your turbo and its damned near a perfect match for my ported exhaust housing ( major plus ).

I dont know how well it works yet, I still have two exhaust manifold studs to replace and track down a seal for my wastegate since its gone missing but hopefully by this weekend I will be a beast and ready for Fontana next month.

First purchase from SBR and I am pleased.

DSMmania, you guys should offer over night and 2 day shipping. It could come in handy but as you said, your swamped... Might not be that handy for you all heh.
i wasnt downing SBR< ive made several orders from them, my exhaust manifold was the only thing i had a problem with. hell, i even made an order yesterday. you still have my business.
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