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seatbelt harness

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I want to get a harness in my car, i wwant it to go around lap and shoulder, i dont have roll cage or rare strut bar, so im looking for something floor mounted, the only place ive looked is summit and ebay. im looking to spend less than 80ish dollars. i also like the camlock style alot

Anyone of any suggestions? i just want my car to hold me in my seat, i dont do any autocrossing, im just looking for something to hold me in my place when i decide to have fun on the mountain roads
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mount the lap straps to the orig. belt bolts
mount the shoulder straps over the back of the seat and to the rear, driver seat, floor bolts.
You won't find camlock style belts with a NHRA approved date for under $100. Although if you don't cause a ruckuss like going 11.99 or faster with no cage or over 150 without a shoot the track officials probably won't even look at them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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