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Hi folks

Meghdad(89 FWD DOHC Galant) recently developed a new problem. Well it didn't happen all at once but it is getting good at it.

between 2000RPM and 2500 car kind of stumbled and rattled. But I was fine with it. Now when it is cold the hesitation is so much that even gear disengaged the car struggles to raise the rpm and the exhaust noise is not smooth at all.

It really struggles to speed up and NO POWER. literally no power. once it reaches 2500 it just blows away. I can't think of anything that has such a defined limit. As every 4g63 below 2000 no torque but there is even a drop after it until 2500 and then it goes.

When it warms up the power problem goes away a bit however the stumble is there.

Oh and the new thing is when turned on cold it starts fine at 1500-1600 then drops suddenly to 500 and appears to be dying but after 20 seconds goes back up to where it should be

I have had plugs, wires and coil changed.

The air filter has been changed an the fuel filter is not very old. nevertheless they should cause more problem at high RPMS

I have a new CAT too.

My exhuast is leaking before the cat. the rattling could come from that but now that I see other problems I doubt.

Doing my homework like a good boy I found some

-stuff about TPS craping out.
-Also ECU capacitors.

All I know tells me that something so accurate and the sudden jump in power right after 2500 should mean something electrical.

Any experience, comments, smarty ideas(like those that I give )

Oh by the way it's a 89 NT so no knock sensor involved.
Thanks in advance

Thanks in advance
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