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slow boost up till 5k?

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After 3 month, I finaly got my 92 laser awd turbo running. It needed a MPI relay. Prior to this, I bought it from a friend for $450. It had a new head, clutch, water pump and a couple of other things that I cant remember. Anyways, I picked it up from the shop about 3 days ago. I drove it home and it holds/makes boost up to 5000 rpm's. it ran like shit. I kinda figured the ecu needed to recalibrate its self being that it haddent been driven in over a year. Ive got about 100 miles on it now since I picked it up and it runs a lot better, but it makes boost really slow, or atleast according to the old ass stock boost guage, and makes hardly anypower after 5k still? You can take it to redline, but after 5k, it kinda sputters. The timing was set back to stock. The only thing I have in question is theres a couple of vac lines that are broken right below the radiator cap neck thats next to the pass. side of the engine. Those lines run from the throttle body down right below what I had said before. It has new spark plugs too! Spark plug wires are ok I think. Am I missing something here??? What do you guys think?
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Umm, i would fix those vac lines. You probably have a boost leak. I would also check to make sure that your wastegate is staying closed until you hit full boost. It may be stuck open for some reason and thus it will take a long time to overrun the halfway opened valve and make boost. Brandon [VFRacing]
sleeper92laser said:
but it makes boost really slow, or atleast according to the old ass stock boost guage,
Well the stock boost gauge does not tell you anything. It does not measure boost, so you can ignore it. Get a real boost gauge so you can get real information.

I agree on the boost leak check.
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