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SMIC fan

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I was just wondering if anybody has ever added an electric fan to the stock intercooler? Seems if it was mounted on the back of the IC it wouldn't be a restriction at higher speeds, and would keep the IC nice and cool at stop lights. I did a search and could not find anything.
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this is only going to help delay heat soak slightly. people have tried many things to keep the stock ic efficient (co2 sprayers, water sprayers, both puller and pusher fans, and nitrous sprayers) at high boost for long periods of time and it's just not very effective for the amount of time and effort.

Also, not only does the stock sidemount heatsoak causing premature detonation but it is also a large restriction in the intake tract so even if you could manage to get it any cooler it would still be a large restriction.

I would not invest more money into the stock smic...It is highly inefficient, and as soon as you have the cash, I would just sell it off to a diy turbo honda guy and buy a much more efficient, and flashy "grille"...

You WILL heatsoak the smic no matter what, fan or not...The fan will just waste power, add weight, and possibly become a restriction when off since it puts a large object in the pathway of the airflow...just a thought
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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