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Smoked tail lights

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i was wondering if anyone knew where i can find smoked tail lights for an 2g eclipse... i dont want to do them myself or buy "altezza's/euro" tail lights.. im looking for original smoked tail lights they pretty much look like these but they're smoked.. all i can find is APc sh*t .. :( so i was wondering if anyone knew where i can find these or did they discontinue them?...http://www.dsmtalk.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=928&cat=500
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those are ugly...but if you like them, I would PM the guy that ownes that car. He probably knows.
Those taillights are so rare! Sadly, they were all discontinued long ago. I've seen them pop up on eBay time from time, but they usually go kinda high. They seem to look best on cars that are lighter in color (white/silver) and are super-sharp. A silver Spyder GS in my neighborhood has them and they look great. My 2G Eclipse has the all-clear taillights which are very similar to the ones in that pic. I actually found them from someone on DSMTrader, which I know can be risky to buy stuff on but I wanted them so bad I didn't care. Even the all clear ones were discontinued by APC because they don't have a red reflector in them, which is required by law. However, I use very bright red bulbs in mine that look perfect at night and I've never gotten pulled over. If I did get a ticket, the lens actually has a DOT certification on it so I'd fight it! Good luck in your search, I'll keep my eyes open.
I wanted to add that you can always buy the all-clear tails and smoke them yourself with a spraycan. The spray smoke works well when used correctly. Be creative!Don't just settle for Euro Tails....those things look ridiculous.
:( i used to see them a few years ago but then i had a 1g and i wasnt deep into dsms...but now i tired to find them.. n i couldn't find them anywhere i did find one set on ebay the seller had the reserve set at like 250 n i wasnt paying 250 for tail lights..
GreenGs-T said:
i have a set of the all clear ones that i would be willing to part with.
hmmm.. and do you have the center or is it painted to match the car?
the center is painted.
perfect pic.. after surfing teins site looking for coilovers i stumbled across this picture...
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do you want to buy my tails?
GreenGs-T said:
do you want to buy my tails?
PM sent :confused:
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