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spark plug wire

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today i was driving home from wal mart. and my number one spark plug wire was poped out of place. i pulled over and pushed back in place. once i got home i check to see if the plug was torqued and it was. so im guessing i dont have an air leak that is pushing the wire up. i put my stock wire on the number one plug. and i dont get the problem. so is it a bad wire? (its a msd 8.5m wire) is there really an advantage to aftermarket wires or stock ones work just fine?
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At higher boost levels the stockers will probably fail. But until the point at which you put a real demand on the ignition system the stockers should be fine.

I would have to guess that you had a bad wire if the stocker stays on fine.
You could take a screw driver and try to tighten up the connector on the inside of the wire. It could have just opened up over time and needs to be closed to keep a grip on the spark plug. Its pretty deep in there though. It could be a bitch to tighten.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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