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spring question

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I just bout a 99 gst 100% stock and the suspension is really, really bouncy/floaty. I was going to replace the shocks, but I am also wondering if I should replace the springs also? this is what happened, I went to replace the trans fluid with BG II and when I jacked the front end up the rear squats/sits lower on the driver rear side??? What I am wondering is if that means the spring on the driver rear side is sagging or if it could be a bushing in the rear control arm that is causing it to do that? also I am getting a rattle/clunk sound coming from the passenger rear side when going over a bump? Thanks
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it is a good idea to change the shocks if they have a lot of miles on them. 60-70,000 miles +
i am going to change the shocks but i was wondering if i need to replace the springs or any bushings because of the lower driver rear side with the front end in the jacked up in the air?
does anyone else have any input on my question? thanks
It is common for the control arm bushings to seize up with age. This prevents the suspension from swinging through it travel path as it should.

Springs don't usually wear out like the struts but if you wanted to lower it while you are in there with something with a higher spring rate...now is the time.
i don’t really have that much cash right now to do the springs, but I am going to buy the Tokico Illumina on ebay for like $350 are these the right part numbers BU3532 front , and BU3534 rear? then if i want to later i will lower it.

Tokico Illumina can be used with the stock spring right? Every one on this board uses them when lowering the car I haven’t seen or heard anyone using them just as a stock replacement and was just wondering if they can? The car floats/bounces horrible and I was just wondering if shocks would fix the problem, or could bushings/springs be the problem?
Those are the right ones to buy for your gst. Springs on dsms usually don't wear out. Your shock are most likely blown and causing excessive weight on the springs.

I would suggest picking up some Tein S springs and tokico blue shocks if your on a budget. I had this combo on my 95 talon tsi and it worked wonderful. The ride was excellent, stiff yet not like coilovers, and they lowered the car just right. Also, the clanking your hearing is most likely a ball joint going bad. I just changed one out on my car, since it was clanking, and it fixed it. The ball joint had excessive play up and down which caused the clanking noise. The part was 140 dollars from Mitsubishiparts.com.
I found out that the rattle or clanking was the shock popping, had someone push up and down on the rear of the car while I listened and sounded like it was coming from the shock so I grabbed my mechanics stethoscope and put it on there and sure enough it was popping and that’s where it was coming from blown shock.
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