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spyder roof.

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Umm yeah my window on the back of the convertible roof is like leaking or w/e, the glue came off on a small part of it, just wondering exactly what i'd use, i went to canadian tire and asked them and they said they didnt have anything specific for it, so i figured id ask if there was anything specific before i just found the next best thing.
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You are in better shape then me! My stiching is comming and it looks to be impossible to repair. What works for me is a big beach folded and laid under it in the "bag" and I just change it everytime it rains.
I'm prettysure ican just glueit, it's only the window. the top is almost brand new.
You might try using a clear silicone based caulking to see if that will hold up. That stuff can be pretty durable and its water-proof.
Use ShoeGoo. It's sold at Gart Sports here in Colorado, but probably at any sports store. This stuff is meant to stick the sole of your shoe one if it falls off, but it works great on tops. I had my top slashed and couldn't get any patch to hold. Then I used the ShoeGoo and it sticks like crazy stays plyable and is water proof.

I had the same problem. Silicone RTV worked pretty well.
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