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Ok heres the deal, I just put on a Garrett to4b-vtrim turbo and tial 38mm external wastegate. If i accelerate hard and let off and not hit the gas again like when im comming to a stop sign or light the car stalls and the battery light comes on in the dash. Any ideas why this is happening?
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It is nothing to do with your mods but in a broad range of things to start at, it is a problem somewhere to do with your throttle body and all of its components.
Ok got the codes ran for the CEL and this is what i came up with, P0170, P0120, I cant remember which one is which but one said pedal position sensor which i would think is the same as throttle position sensor and the other said sumthin about the map sensor. If anyone has any ideas where to start please let me know, thanks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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