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I have a couple of general questions to the people who have installed a Starion FMIC on a 2g.

1) Is there a performace gain? (My mods are in my sig) I can get one for $120, I was wondering if this is worth it?

2) How is the installation? Pretty much remove the front bumper and bolt it on, or is it not that easy?

3) What ic pipes do I need to get? Can I still use my GREddy IC pipes? Where can I get the correct ic pipes?

4) How easy is it to fix some bent fins? Just get some needle nose plyers and make them straight?


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The starion ic install is quite a project. I don't know of any companies that make the costom piping you will need, so you might have to fabricate your own. I don't know anything about the mounting of it.

It will cool more than stock, however the performance gains are far from a good sidemount or frontmount.

gentle work with a needle nose should be fine.

Did you check out the v-faq yet?
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