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steering problems

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OK I have a 90 AWD GSX, I just got.

power steering is not working, no big deal.

But the car pulls to the right, the steering wheel is offset to the left.
and it wanders all over the road while driving.

Which direction do I need to go to find and fix the problem?

Tie rods maybe?

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Take it to an alignment shop and have them do an inspection. Look at you're tires and see how they are wearing, if there are bald spot's or cupping anywhere. The location of these things will usually tell you what's going on, or lead you to the problem. But the alignment place is by far the best route.
Agreed. First step is get it to an alignment shop. They will tell you what is what and then you can progress onto getting those things fixed.
cool will do.

yeah the tires are bald in the inside, the guy I bought it from like 4 wheel burnouts(thank god he only had the car 2 months)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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