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Stephen's chariot to adventure

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Stephen's Talon and Laser.

1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD 5speed. 140k Miles(150k miles 12/3/2011)

Factory Options:
Leather seats, Premium Infinity Sound system, Sunroof, Anti-lock brakes, All wheel drive with rear limited slip differential, 16" Alloy wheels, rear deck lid spoiler, large rear vented brakes.

8.5:1 Ross Racing Pistons, Eagle H-beam rods, removed balance shafts and a lightened crank in a .10 bored over 6 bolt 4g63 block(no oil squirters or cooler). Removed A/c.

Head and Intake manifold:
Hks 264/272 Cams with a 1g intake manifold to the original port-matched head with a 60mm 1g throttle body. FIAV(Fast Idle Air Valve) removed. Head is sealed to the block with a Mitsubishi 4 layer metal headgasket and ARP head studs. Fancy Rubber Viton valve seals. Thermalic spacer.

Turbocharger and Intake:
Ported FP Big28 turbocharger 15psi-22psi depending on the situation ;) . RRE intake and upper intercooler pipe with a 1g Blow off valve. RRE Upgraded throttle body elbow. Greddy "Big" Front mount intercooler, no-name air intake system with home made heatshield. Slightly gutted maf with adjusted airflow screw. RRE Lower S-pipe and RRE Greddy lower U-pipe upgrade pipe.

Forced performance manifold, 122 performance 02 dump, Stock exhaust with cut-out.

ACT Xact flywheel, Centerforce Dual friction. Shortened shifter and a symborski shift kit. Cable to transmission bushing upgrade. Greddy counter-weight shift knob. Stainless steel Clutch line with restrictor unit removed.

Rewired Walbro 255hp. Streetuned motorsports tank to line kit and Fuel lab fuel pressure regulator kit. RC 1000cc injectors

Front and rear Strut tower bars. 1998 17x6.5 alloy Eagle Talon wheels with Continental Extreme Contact 215/50/17, ugly but good. AGX 4-way adjustable shocks. Eibach pro-kit springs. RRE rear camber kit.

Drilled and slotted rotors. Ect brake pads.

Gauges and Electronics:
Dsmlink V3, Aem Tru boost, Aem Wideband. Removed Clutch start switch and a 90 Crank angle sensor. Pioneer Mp3 player head unit, 10" mtx subwoofer and amplifier.

Body modifications:
1998 Front bumper upgrade with anthracite emblem, 1998 rear spoiler and brake light on original rear hatch. Talon rear centerpiece lights up(Tarantula). Super cool green backup lights

Car 2
1990 Laser Rs Turbo M/t 103k

Factory options:
Light as hell.

ARP headstuds. A/C removed. prothane motor mounts. Non-Cruise control cable.

Turbocharger and intake:
Straightline specialties Upper intercooler pipe.
Slowboy racing fmic
K&N airfilter.
Manual boost controller.
2g Maf and intake pipe.

Act 2100/Street disk.
New Awd half shaft/axle.
Stainless steel clutch line.
1970's bare foot gas pedal upgrade.
Shifter bushings and 3000gt shift knob.

Brand new Gas tank. with 255hp(Sitting in my garage, not installed)

Eiback pro-kit springs
Agx 4-way adjustable shocks

Gauges and electronics:
Boost gauge. Blitz electric boost controller.

Body modifications:
Stock black hood.
Oz edition eclipse 16" wheels.
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Pookers said:
How much was it from satan?

And pics from the front and driver side pov.
Also curious as to how much it was. Just some closer shots of the front would be nice. Also, the rear wing. I have thought it would look weird without the side moldings and the extra stripe around the rear bumper, but it looks good.

I have a 95 TSI AWD in the same color as well and need a new front bumper. :p
It was about 350. I bought 2 just in case(I'm not selling my second) The first one is already a bit hammered and needs some work.
Bumper was brand new OEM then got painted. I'll see if i can get some more pics, any angles you guys prefer?
Multiple angles. :)
Love the gas pedal. Where did you get it from?
Love the gas pedal. Where did you get it from?
I've seen this gaz pedal at the Canadian Tire ...
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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