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To start, Street Tuned Motorsports has always had excellent customer service as well as great products. I have ordered pistons, gaskets, bearings, and many more things from them. The products have always arrived in a decent time and even when I get a little too excited and start calling them, they are always friendly and ready to answer any questions I have. Not to mention the packaging has always kept parts safe on their long journey in the back of a shipping truck. Whenever I need something for my high performance TSi or for my daily driver Non-turbo Spyder, I go to STM first.

I wish I could say the same for DSM Graveyard. My packages have always arrived late. I order parts from them weeks before I even need them that way they are here when I need them. This has been a minor annoyance until my last order. I ordered a stock head gasket and a water pump gasket. After a week and a half of waiting, I tried to call them. No answer all day. A few days later the package arrived. My head gasket wasn't in a box or even an envelope, it was wrapped with old peices of carboard, taped like crazy, and a shipping label was slapped on. Sure enough, due to lack of proper packaging, the head gasket was in a U shape and the water pump gasket was nearly folded in half. Did DSM Graveyard ever answer their phone when I tried to call and complain? No. Will I buy from them again? Definitely not.
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