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Having been in the dsm game for many years I have bought lots of parts from different vendors. All of them have been pretty good without many issues. However as i started this new build I noticed STM, which was fairly new and wasn't around a few years ago. I figured i'd give them a try. My first purchase from them was for a SS clutch line. I paid promptly and waited two weeks. Nothing showed up.. I emailed them asking for a tracking number after two weeks.. Two days later i got a tracking number. The package hadn't been shipped yet, but the label was made. A week later I got the package. Came in nice, just as described. I figured they were busy and forgot about it, mistakes happen. So I decided to give them another shot. I decided to order their 2g abs delete kit. I haven't heard anything on the kit, good or bad so I figured I'd order it, install it and give a review of the kit. This way potential buyers would know what they are getting and decide if they want it. When i ordered the kit from STM I told them i would be doing a review of the kit to potential give them more business.. If one person did a writeup with pictures it could sell 10+ kits from them. I ordered the kit on January 11th 2011. I waited a week and then sent them an email asking for a tracking number. Brian Gleasen replied two days later:
"Ryan, I don't have the lines, i have to order them, should be here next week, i'll get you a tracking number then"

Fine, i understand that sometimes stuff is not stocked. I work at a dealership in the parts department and realize this. So i waited another week 1/2 and emailed him again asking if the parts were ready to be shipped. I was anxious to install them and get a good review going. Waited two days, no reply. It was obvious they were dodging me. Finally caught him posting on dsmtuners and "called him out" in a way and asked when the kits would be in stock. He told me the lines were in and he would ship it next day and I would have a tracking number ASAP first thin in the morning. Next day, no tracking number. Sent him a PM and two emails. Nothing, no reply.. Today is February 9th, it's been almost a month since first purchase and I have no tracking number, no kit, and no answers. This is the 2nd time I've ordered from them and the 2nd time my order has taken 3+ weeks to arrive. What is a shame is that I am building a drag car from the ground up and have a few thousand dollars to spend. From turbos, manifolds, engine internals, etc. They know this and you would think they'd do whatever they could to atleast reply to me and stop BSing me to get the money I am about to spend. I will be sending my business to extreme PSI like i have in the past, which has never let me down..

My advice is to be very wary of this company, I'm sure they are good people, but they have a few things to learn about business and how to keep customers.
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