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Stock Amp Question

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okay..right now i have all the stock infin. system...and a bazooka bass tube..and what i did..was just splice the tube into the wiring to one of the rear speakers....but somebody told me that my amp isn't amplifying it when i do that..is this true?..and if it is..how do i rig it up?.. (i'm gettin 2 10" rockfords for $65 tonight) .. anyways.. any help would be appreciated thanks guys :)
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Out of curiosity, which RFs are you gettin? I'm guessing P1s..?

I'd get a separate amp man.
when you tap the speakers that is for signal to the amp only. all amps/or tubes need their own power and ground.
yea i think ima get another amp...but i got the 2 10's in..and they sound good..they dont look brand new..but hey...it's what u get for $50 ...
get another amp and a Hi-low converter run it off the two rear speakers..n jus run the remote from the stock headunit...
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