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Stuck E-Brake

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93 Laser RS

Wednesday night we got our first snowfall of about 3 inches and its cold as fug.... Thursday I go to leave and I put the E-brake lever down to unlock it but the brake light stayed on and theres no tension......... it still makes the clicking noise to put up or down just no tension..the brakes are still on so its burning alotta gas to drive and i have work tonight(pizza driver) What can I don to fix this? what happened? maybe water in the line froze?
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You hand brake is cable powered so there are no fluids to freeze. But your cable could have broke or your rear calipers could have seized. Only thing to do is take your rear wheels off and look at what could go wrong.
The cables pull these lever's on the calipers, they might stuck so give'm a good wack with a hammer.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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