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studder at WOT

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Hey, i have many questions, but i'll try to keep the thread as small as possible.

Before i go on, my car is a 93 tsi with K&N drop in, 3" cat back, and gutted cat, but no boost controller or guage yet (tomorrow! :D )

Driving home from work this morning I decided to go WOT on a stretch not too far from my house. I didin't mash the gas down, i just slowly, but surely pressed till full throttle. As soon as it was WOT the car startted studdering very badly and jerking a little bit, building almost no power. The car has never studdered before, at any rpm, but i baby the thing and am not sure if i have even ever gone WOT.

Today i will check the plugs, and i can't do a boost leak test till i get my guage, but i can almost assure you that there are no vaccum leaks on the car.

The only problem i expierience is during startup and shutdown when i hear a pretty loud rattling from under the hood. Im not sure if its the valves cuz when i shut down the rattling continues for approx. 2 seconds after the motor stops. It almost sounds like its coming from my pcv valve (next to the valve cover right?)
Also my dipstick is popping out, i know everybody will tell me its blowby but the seal seems almost non appearant when i pit it in, so maybe its my dipstick.

hopefully i will be doin a boostleak test tomorrow, thx for your help!
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i had the same problem with my 92 Celica all-trac...but what i found out, was it wasnt anything to do with the turbo...i had a problem with "blowback". I had an oil leak and it was leaking into the spark plug cylinders, therefore making it really messed up..through tryin to diagnose the problem, i was told to change these

oil pump
spark plug wires
spark plugs

just a few things to try...hope i helped...but if you do have oil blowback, you will need to rebuild your engine, which is why i sold my alltrac.
ya, fixed the stutter.......im soo proud of myself, not being the most experienced mechanic. The plugs were gaped at like 45 lol... brought em' down a bit. The car is faster than ever, But riding in a slow interga all morning prolly didn't hurt my judgement!

Im still getting the rattling from under the hood during shutdown, but im pretty sure its not coming from inside my engine, so im not too concerned......i do need a logger though.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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