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Stupid question, Where's the ECU in 90 Talon ?

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Ok my ECU needs to have the capacitors replaced and It's a daily driver.
I don't have the haynes book and I need the ECU out today.

Where is the ECU exactly ?

Thanks in advance...
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How do you know its the ECU capacitors if you haven't pulled the ECU? Its behind the sterio. Pull out the sterio and its the shiney metal box bolted in underneath.
Pull out the 2 kicker panels and youll see it...it looks like this... You will need a 10mm socket for the 3 bolts that hold her in place :) Good Luck!

P.S.--Search ;)
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Thanks for the reply guys, I found it a few minutes after posting in the VFAQ. it was going to jump in my face but couldn't see it before.

I know it's the capacitors because of the clicks in the dash, the stalling intermittent symptoms. The fact my car has the original 1990 computer in -20F weather, blame Canada. And the Fishy rotten smell right after the problem started.

all the symptoms...
Definatlly an ecu problem mine did the clicking thing and I replaced it and it solved a LOT of my problems....my car woudn't even boost...
I'm having some problems that could point to an ECU issue as well on my 90 AWD. I ahve absolutly ZERO soldering skills, and don't even own a soldering iron. Is there someone that can replaced the capacitors for me?
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