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Sunroof slide

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i was wondering if anyone has purchased and installed a sunroof slide/cover the piece between the sunroof n the frame of the car... because i wanted to know the price on average even though im trying to avoid the stealership and how easy/hard is it to install...
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It looks like the two pieces are about $50 a piece from an online Mitsubishi dealership, so you may want to look elsewhere. JNZ Tuning (Vendor's section of the forum) may be able to do a little better on the price.

As far as installation goes, there should just be 2 sliders on each section that get pushed in and then slid into a track. I don't recall having much difficulty reinstalling them last time.

Is your shade missing, or just dirty/messed up?

missing in general.. that gap is getting annoying to me
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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