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Super high idle (2.5k)

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When i first start my car in the morning it's idling at 2.5k. It just started doing it a few weeks ago after i put my 2g elbow and uicp. It used to idle at 1800 and when it warmed up it would drop to 8-900. Now its idling at 2500 and after it warms up it settles down to 1200.
Things i've replaced or checked-
Biss screw o-ring
Throttle body gasket
Throttle Body elbow gasket
Checked throttle cable to see if it was pulling the butterfly open, and its fine.
I played with the biss a little which only helps until i restart the car and then it just goes right back to sucking.

Its really annoying but other than that its ok.
Point me in the right direction?
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The ecu was replaced with a brand new one before i bought the car 3 months ago.
Check your upper I/C pipe for leaks, couplers, around the BOV, ect...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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