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Supra Side mount questions.......

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I had some questions on the supra side mount. First off so I have to change any of the piping? Also I have a big 16 and plan on maxing this turbo out how much boost could I run on this side mount? also what are the prices?
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I run 21psi daily with my small 16g on my supra sidemount and haven't had any problems at all. My fuel system contains evo8 580cc injectors, a safc, walbro 255lph fuel pump and an aeromotive afpr set at 42psi base fuel pressure.
I was going to run 190 walbro with rewire kit. And safc and not sure what injectors .
Did you have to change your stock piping for it to work?
kalaco said:
Did you have to change your stock piping for it to work?
Yes you do........
the guy i got my supra sidemount from, gave me all his stock piping and hoses with it... :cool: i was able to make it all work with what he gave me... all i had to pick up was a metal exhaust reducer, like you get at the parts stores.... i used the stock DSM rubber LICP and then the reducer and one of the 90* hoses off the supra... i have pics on my computer at home...

just get creative :D

i will probably make a hardpipe for it eventually but this works for now....
I bought a couple of 2 1/2" tight radius mandrel bends and made half of my lower i/c pipe out of one of them. I think i used one 90 degree bend and trimmed it. I had to use about a foot of the stock lower i/c pipe becaue the 2 1/2" pipe would not fit between my radiator fan and my 3" intake pipe so I used an exhaust reducer and connected the stock hose to the 2 1/2" pipe right below the fan and intake pipe.
you can buy the smallest radius 2.25" pipe from summit, a 2"-2.25" coupler and a 2.25-2.5" coupler with some agressive fan trimming on a 2g it will make a nice lower pipe. i wouldnt recommend a 2.5" lower pipe on a 16g with such minor mods
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