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Supra smic w/ lower ic pipe and uip

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Supra smic had the endtanks flipped by a radiator shop and pressure tested up to 50psi -- no leaks. Normal bent fins and such. -180

Custom lower intercooler pipe made for Supra smic. 2.25 coming out of the turbo into 2.5 going into the IC. 50

HKS old school upper IC pipe. 2.25" 75


The red line is the supra smic and the green line is the stock smic. That dyno was before JMfab made me the lower IC pipe so I was making even more power.

I think $275 + shipping is fair for everything.

Not bad at all for power gains across the whole board. :D
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Supra smic pending sale.
pm sent about the pipe
I am also interested in the LICP, if the other person isnt.

Zishan Malik
[email protected]

It was dark in the shed so I couldn't find the rest of the lower pipe. I'll try in the morning again.
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And those couples definitely aren't coming... hehe
It looks good! Will look nice in my car! :p

Money's on the card, waiting for it to go through.
:) Awesomw man. If I get the money before 4pm tomorrow then I'll ship it out tomorrow.
Well I can't find the rest of the lower IC pipe. Its buried in my shed somewhere. I'll have more time this weekend to look then I'll post pics.

As for the supra smic, I have recieved money and it will be shipping today. :)
Thank you sir! Looking forward to a tracking number, and a nice smic!

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