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Swade's Unicorn

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on a local board a member advertised a free gsx with a 4 bolt rear end, so i went and go it yesterday. I dont know if it will be a project or a parts car yet but here some pics

thats it for now, im going to clean it out later this week and see what all its gonna need and what all i have...
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Yuppers, I noticed that yesterday as well (his sig).
Wouldn't be any other way!
He went insane, went insane, threw some purp and made it rain!
I gave in and would really like this to move some more so motivation will be needed :)

In the booth

At home finally

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Well... That's purple. It looks good. I'd like to see how you're going to accessorize. Also, are you putting it together to then have the body painted?
I like it. What are you doing with the body?
(When asked when is the body getting painted)

By summer hopefully. My body guy is building a new shop so that plus he wants it running so he can pull it in and out of the shop as needed instead of tryin to push it around.
It looks awesome Wade.
The shop is just now getting under way. The county and city were being dumb with building permits but it should go up quick!

Did some interior work. I'm running sparco harness and will have a cage so I pulled all the seat belts out, easily 40-50 lbs or so it felt. the interior harness is almost out and will be minimized and cleaned up.

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Looking great Swade.
Is the rest of the car also being painted? The engine bay looks awesome and a would look bad ass with the purple / black on the whole car.
Yeah that's the plan. The guy doing my body work told me he wanted it running so he can pull it in and out instead of pushing it around like it has been the two times its been there.

Here is the car that inspired me. It sat at his shop for 2+ years getting worked on and being stored, the guy ended up with an 80k+ IRS bill.

Then finished

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Nice job Swade, good luck with the cage.
Thanks and Thanks. For the cage, its going to a local fab guy. Ill drop it off, tell him what I want and come back and get it. :D

Oh holy heck. Looks freaking amazing. Good work, Wade.
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