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Swapping stock to jdm 4g63t

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:confused: hey everyone i recently bought my brothers galant vr4 off him because he had two. i am going to order a used engine from japan for the car because we blew up the egine having fun too soon with a t3t4 hybrid and i was wondering if anyone could give me somewhat specific information on the jacks/or a special engine hoist to use for swapping the engine in a garage not so big lol but any information would be extremely helpful.

thanks mike
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floor jack (2 ton), jack stands, engine hoist. remove hood, go to town.
do it in the driveway...youll have all kinds of space out there, pull the hood off as well
its like my brother said that you should drop it not pull it out because its easier or something like that because we had to replace his transmission before and we did it through the passenger wheel well and he is a jaguar certified technician(whoopdy do) lol but is it easier to go through the top or bottem.....also for the driveway part i have already been cited for working on my restoration of a truck and i hate this frickin city lol but i will probably do it in the driveway

if you are going to be in a driveway, it will be easier to pull it out from the top. if you have a lift, by all means, drop the subframe/engine/tranny all at once. if you go from the top, pull off the transfer case before you try to pull it out, it will make life alot easier. also, take off all accessories (power steering, alternator, a/c and all, it will make it smoother in the long run. there isnt much room on the sides with all that stuff on there.
well the thing is there is no tranny because when my brother replaced the other one we took it off the 91 and put it in the 92 because hes poor....basicaly the engine i sitting in there with no tranny,no transfer case obviously and just the accesories ect in there so basicaly i just hook up the hoist after taking off the accesories and go bolt crazy with the motor mounts?
if there is no tranny, you will have a plethora of room to pull the engine without taking off all the accessories. yeah, make sure you remember where everything goes. use sammich bags for bolts and label them. label the wires and vacuum lines or what not. there arent but 3 bolts holding the engine in. the biggest thing is getting everything disconnected for the pull.
niiice...yea i know about the bags ive been working on a chevy restoration with my dad because hes all american...ha i normaly do body work im 16 but iv been doing it for 3 years so far were going to supercharge the truck and make it all detroit.blah blah lol but yea the trans will probably be going back in at the same time as the engine so when i go to put it back it should it just be without the accesories...?

thanks for all the help so far man
Did you already buy that jdm motor. What were you looking on spending on a motor. Also what part of illinois are you from. I build mitsu motors. I can rebuild your engine that you have in the car now for 1,000. if you are in any way interested, send me an e-mail at [email protected] I could probably do a 2g piston 1g rod combo with all new parts, pistons, rings, bearings, oil pump, bearings, gaskets, and all machine work for 1,000 bucks. Hit me up if you want to get a good motor for a good price.
yeah, put it back in with all the accessories off. the clearance is very minimal when you are trying to get it in. any extra 1/2" clearance you can get helps.
Twin91-2GVR4 said:
i am going to order a used engine from japan for the car
thanks mike
what a waste of money
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