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T- belt broke

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I may be a newbie to this forum but i am having some probs with my carand i was wondering if you guys could help. I was told to ask you guys here by one of my friends. I just recently broke a timing belt. We put a newbelt and tensioner on and lined everthing up. We had it at TDC and all of that fun stuff. Then the car will not start and i have no spark on my #2 cylinder.???? I have done a lot of work on my car but i am thrown for a loop. i know i have to check the compression to see if i have bent valves but why would it not spark on 2 only. The Coil is new and so is the ignitor. The car is a 90 eagle talon with a JDM cyclone engine in it. Any suggestions? :mad:
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Is it definately no spark or you can lift the lead off that cyl while running and it makes no difference?
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