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Tail lights Effed up.

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I was pulled over last night, and i found out at the same time that my tail lights are gone. I assumed it was just a fuse or a bulb, but i replaced the 10 amp fuse in the box, the relay under the hood, and changed 2 bulbs (which I tested with a battery, one post on the pos and a wire to a ground, switch for bright/dim checks) and my tail lights still dont work. The headlights work fine, brake lights are perfect, turn signals have no problems (except the switch sticks on occasion)

I cant drive at night unless i run with my hazards on, so does anyone have an idea for a solution?
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The taillight relay also controls the front front combination & marker, license and side marker lights.
If only taillights only are dead, check ground #9 near the liftgate latch.
ive also heard that it could be a 'headlight switch'?
if your headlights still come on, and the fuse is good i would go with what redhottalon said and check that ground. if you had a voltometer you could check right at the socket or at least check the continuity of the circut...that would tell you right there.
checked today, and the ground is grounding, but there is no power going to the light wire all of my taillights are attatched to.
did you test it at the socket the whole tail light asmb plugs into or did you test it at the socket for the lamp?
i used a tester and a hot wire attatched to it, touched the ground with it and it lit up. We also checked eacxh socket, and they all had power.All i can think of is when i first got the car there was a ghetto rigged wire hanging in my door that i had disconnected from my battery a few days before i got stopped, and it may have been at some point attatched to a positive wire on a headlight/tail light power wire of some sort? It was ran under the driver side carpet, near the weather stripping. Maybe?
I have a similar problem. Except that my rear side markers light, brake lights, and turns light up...just not the main, rear parking light. Let us know what you find out, I'm curious to see what you find.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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