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This is the first real run the Banshee has had since the engine was rebuilt over the summer. I was on the highway tuning the motor with the Translator, doing a 3rd gear run, pulling over, checking the logs, popping the hood and making adjustments, and repeating the process over again. I had just made my last adjusments and tune and was satisfied with my logs so I started to head home. As I got on my exit I heard a roar and two pops. I look over to see a Golf flying by. I quickly changed tune and got back on the highway, gliding by him to see if he wanted to play, giving him the BOV salute just to be sure that I had his attention.

He took the bait downshifted, ready for action. I kicked it down to third and floored it. To my suprise, he didn't fall back and hung with me through third and some of fourth. This li'l fucker has some balls under that hood. We slowed down after we came up on some traffic and hung close for a while. There would be another opportunity for us as the highway we were on would split between the local and express lanes. There would be about a half mile window on the local lanes to see if my hard work would pay off.

As I hit the split for the local lanes, I kicked it back down into 3rd and took off. He quickly followed and once again, it was on. It would be the same story, he hung through third, but halfway through 4th, he started creeping past me. I realized I had met my match this time, and let off the throttle and slowed up. He didn't and roared past me.

Just as he flew by, a commercial truck changed lanes in front of him. He swerved out of the way, but overcorrected, going sideways towards the center of the highway. He bounced over the curb seperating the local and express lanes, continued his sidways skid and bounced into the median. It happened so fast that by the time I looked up in my rearview mirror, all I saw were the headlights spinning in a cloud of dust.

I kept going like I didn't see anything, took my exit off the highway, made my way to the driveway, and parked the Talon. Ironically enough, the spot where he wiped out was the same place where I almost lost it a few days before when my brakes went soft on me.

Good thing I knew when to fold 'em.
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