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The "Bluemeanie"

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Might as well add this up in HURR!

It picked up "Bluemeanie" from a friend of mine in college and kind of stuck after that. This build is now 3 years in the making since acquiring a Jacks Trans and Twin disk earlier this month.

Go FAST bits:

1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD

1992 6bolt block 0.040 over, o-ringed
Pauter X-beam rods
ACL JAM rod/crank bearings
Wiseco 8.3:1/0.040 over Swaintech coated pistons
Blocked oil squirters
Removed balance shafts
Fluidampr crank pulley
A1 H11 head studs
OEM composite head gasket
1991 Head
Mirror polished domes
Mirror polished exhaust ports
Rough cleanup intake ports
FP3 cams
1994 Black-top CAS
Supertech valve springs
Ferrea Keepers
SI +1mm Intake/Exhaust valves - black knight coating
Fidanza Adjustable cam gears
Greddy Timing belt
Balanced rotating assembly.
Earls Custom Oil Cooler

Twin Walbro 255 standard pumps
Twin Pump aluminum housing
-8an feed
-8an return
BG fuel filter
FIC fuel rail
FIC 1600cc injectors
Magnafuel 2000hp FPR

Power adders/Turbo stuff/Ignition
PT7076 70mm turbo
3" Intercooler Piping
3" Kinetic/SBR FMIC
3.5" GM MAF
3" to 3.5" Throttle body elbow
76mm Magnus Throttle body
Magnus SMIM
Direct port 100shot wet nitrous kit
10lb NOS bottle
Custom Rams Horn manifold
4" turboback exhaust

AGX GR2 shocks
Progress lowering springs

8PT Chromoly cage
ProCar drivers seat
Simpson 5pt Racing harness
Battery relocated to trunk

Jacks Transmissions Premium build with 4spider diff
Quartermaster twin disk with ceramic/metallic disks
Isuzu slave cyl
B&M short shifter
OEM master cyl

235.45.17 Kumho MX
17x7.5" Konigg Toxxins powder black with polished lip
Seibon Carbon fiber hood
Removed Wing
99 Eclipse Headlights
99 Eclipse Front/Rear bumpers
99 Eclipse Tailights

Cobalt Boost gauge
Cobalt Oil pressure gauge
Cobalt fuel pressure gauge
Custom Fuel pressure Amp meter
MAFT 2.02

Everything on the car was done by myself, B&R speed shop, or DominationChassis (which is a good friend of mine)
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Thank you kind sir :)
Well would ya look at that!
My goodness. Didn't know this thing was still around.
Its not, its just a figment of our imagination.
Unfortunately shortly after those photos above I managed to destroy my Jacks trans pretty much entirely when 2nd failed (and took teeth through every other gear).

I picked up a beater trans to get it mobile again until I decide where to go with it - maybe an auto parts car, not sure yet. In the process of doing that I discovered my twin disk was also eating itself at the hubs. I have switched to the gear driven QM twin set and I must say it's night and day over the old disks. No chatter, no noise on decel, engagement off a stop is smooth like stock and it feels amazing. Only clutch I'd ever put in a DSM at this point and I'm running the "race" disks.

Pics taken yesterday, I did fix the bumps and chips and some of the worn paint on the underside and converting from AdobeRGB to sRGB tends to move the blue towards the purple side of things but I don't care I like how it looks. Maybe someday when it's all painted again I'll say do THIS:

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Nice car and good luck with whatever you decide.
4 Slicks = AWD!! 9 Second street car monster.
I think I recognize those slicks :D
They held air just long enough for the pics lol, it was a bitch to get it back in the garage my air hose didn't reach.
Nice pics. I had the same idea today but maintenence started plowing while it was still too early to start the car. I'm crossing my fingers the maintenence road will still have snow when the sun goes down a bit more.
I love that you still have this car and keep it so clean.
Drag Car...Street Car and now Auto X car!?!?!??!?
It does much better than I would expect it to, Nice driving.
I saw that on facebook. Good driving indeed.
Looks like Ben already posted the one vid.

Here are a couple from Yesterday.


The external view of this run isn't all that spectacular but datfinishdoe.


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Wheres your spoiler?
Is that the stock Kona Blue, or did you repaint it a different color? Looks great.
Still kona blue. Needs body/repaint bad
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