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The Darkness

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snipa97 said:
i believe the term is murda'd out... lol love the look. how does the paint react to dirt and sunlight? damaged easily?
The paint is fine under the sun. Just don't put a bare ass on it after it's been out all day. I do have to be careful about scratches since I can't really buff them out, however.
I want a vid of the darkness driving!!

Always been a fan of this car.

Looks good .
the matte black is b/a haters will be haters
I hope you never call this thing murdered out. It would just remind me of that damn civic kid.
GOD i love 90-91 talons. nice ride oneof27. If you don't mind me asking and I didn't read it anywhere, but where did you get your hood from. It fits dang near perfect from the pictures that is.
Thanks, dude.
I got the hood second hand off another CT guy. He was partying out his track car. I have no idea who the maker is. I haven't seen another one like it, as it has a frame so it doesn't flop as much.
Dang! Well still nice car, and I'll have to continue searching.
Hey strangers.
Check out the classifieds section.....
81 - 90 of 90 Posts
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