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Thermostat or/ water pump? on a 2G

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How often do the water pumps go out on the 2g eclipse? Jsut wondering becasue I went and talked to a tech today and he said that the 2G water pumps rarely go out and it could be just the thermostat or cap which is causing it to overheat and leak coolant? Last night was the first time it has ever overheated? Also for the past week or so it has been leaking coolant below the timing belt? Please help thanks
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If its leaking coolant in that area it seems like it could only be the water pump or maybe the coolant lines that run to the oil cooler. Do you see a drip or just see coolant around that area?
First thing to do in the case of an overheat is to check/change all the easy stuff. Thermostat, radiator cap, fluid, etc. If th eproblem still persists then you need to check that water pump.
It is leaking right below the t- belt? What would cause that? This is the first time it has ever overheat?
A leak in that area would point to the water pump. There are other coolant lines in that area though so look around carefully before splurging on a H2O pump.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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