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This is probably a stupid question.....

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Everymorning I warm up my car in the garage and raise the door up a little to let exhaust fumes out. I noticed on the garage Panel where the exhaust is that it is black. There is smoke but after the car warms up there is no smoke. Could this be because the care is running rich from the oversize injectors?
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update your profile that would be the first thing to do.
most any car is gonna puke out alot of carbon while its cold, but your injectors are probably just adding to the situation
Profile updated.... I hope this satisfies you!
Most cars at start-up run richer than usual because they are cold. If you are starting your car and then raising the door, then you would see exhaust all over anything that is behind your car. I would venture to say that you probably also have exhaust all over the back of you car too, especially if you don't wash it on a regular basis.
Maybe it could also be moist in your area? The insides of exhausts are not that clean and if you mix that with moisture...maybe?

Try a can of MCCC or SeaFoam to clear that sucker out! :D
If you don't have those injectors dialed in at closed loop that will contribute to the problem. It is normal for a car to run rich at cold startup though. That coupled with moisture in the exhaust and you see splatters of carbon.
Yeah, I just had the car on the Dyno. It was adjusted. They did an awesome job. With this being my first High performance vehicle I guess I am paranoid at everything I see. I guess though it doesn't hurt to ask...You can never be to cautious. I really appreciate all of you guys help. Thanks
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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