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timing belit cover

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are there any downfalls to leaving your timing belit cover off on a basically stock dsm?
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well if anything gets in there it's going to throw off your timming.
I always say... Mitsubishi Engineers, for some reason, designed it to be there. So it should be there.
Up to you.. you are actually taking a huge risk when you do this. Rain will get up in there as well and make your belt easier to break... it will not last as long. If a little pebble gets in there, and it jumps timing, thats an automatic 500-1000+ damage right there..
i lost my bolts to it when i took it off, but im thinking i might be buying new ones to put it on.. i would hate for my timing to get more fucked up,
its sure looks cool though
i've had mine off for about 2+ years now, only because mine was warped and rubbed against the ac belt. havent had any problems with it, but i would like it if i had one on there instead, at least the bottom piece. just been too lazy to look for one i guess.
if it's your daily driver just leave it.
if it's a weekend toy or race car, then yank it.
It doesn't hurt anything to be on there. It certainly can hurt things if it isn't.

Need I say more?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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