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timing belt? not sure... searched with no luck

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so i noticed a few days ago that my t-belt was a little oil soaked.... also found out my front seal is leaking causing that.... and i went ahead and ordered a new t-belt and front seal..... everything else related to this job is under 10k old (wp, tensioner, etc..) from rebuild in may..... i was driving the car tonight with no problems, on my way home from work about 12:45 i got off the highway stopped at sign made a left turn and i hear something that sounded like something rattling and then the engine died as i was turning my key off.... i popped the hood and looked at the timing belt it was still there and didnt appear broken, i had a friend turn the key and the cams spun a lil then just dead stopped spinning.... im guessing that my belt broke down in the lower timing cover where i can't see it....
my question is this.... i know im prolly screwed for valves, but can you just buy new valves and pop them in then do a new belt and hg and whatnot? or do i need to send my head to be checked and stuff like that.... i've never had this happen before so i'm kind of lost.... also when i was turning the key it sounded like dead with 0 compression.... kinda like a freeturn on the crank. can i get some suggestions before i pull the head off and realize it was something stupid? or just pull it and do the valves?

thanks in advance for any & all help...
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Do a compression check on all the cylinders. If it seems like there is no compression, then you probably bent all the valves. The first time I bent the valves, I just bought a used head from a salvage yard, and swapped the heads, the second time, I replaced all of the valves. The valves are not an easy job to do, at least in my experience, but yes, you can replace the valves. You'll probably have indentions on the pistons, and you'll have to grind down the high spots.
i figured i bent the valves... but wasnt sure..... how can i do a compression check with the timing belt not being attached.... if there was no damage before wouldnt that cause damage now? also as far as actually changing the valves im not to concerned with that as i work in a repair shop and can use any/all tools needed for the job... i actually just walked in the door now with my company tow truck to bring it down there to start tearing the head off it....
Then I would just pull the head, and look at it.
well i pulled the head today... actually came off pretty easy... noticed about 15 teeth on my timing belt went byebye.... got the head off all 8 exhaust valves are bent.... the intakes look ok, but still sending to the head shop tomorrow to be checked and cleaned and an estimate written for new valves.... yay... my shitty luck
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