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Timing Sounds?

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well the storrie starts with major electrical problems which led to the water pump having a bad bearing, we had to undo the timing just to put the pump on. we had it runnin great for a week then 2 days beofre it stalled it was runnin like shit. sounded like the RPMs were up to 8000 when it was only at 2. Slow pick up and go, it'd take about 200 yrds to get to 55. while stallin the engine started shakin the car like crazy then died. now when trying to start the car it pops and makes the starter push much faster. Would that be the timing? or would it have to do with the Turbo being seized up? the turbo was siezed for a while before the incedent. Thank you for your help
just need to get the car runnin before i restore the hole car!!!!
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sounds like a timing belt problem from the info you gave. if the belt is broken or stripped, the valves will be hung open in some of the cylinders and therefor the starter will spin the engine faster due to no compression in those cylinders. Good luck.
yea we had it takin to a shop that works with imports and they said that either a pistons bad or a rod is broken. but if that was the case you'd hear metal clinkin. so i guess i'm on my own when tearin this thing apart. Thanks alot for your help.
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