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I'm new here. I have a 1997 Eclipse GS with the 4G63 NA engine (European version). In Europe this car was originally fitted with 205/60 R15 tires. I have recently found some technical specifications of the US version, and I have replaced the wheel accordingly. I am now running 17" 7J ET40 wheels with 215/50 R17 tires.

Today I had to go to the technical control. There they were doing difficult about my tiresize, saying that the overall dimensions were too much off of the original 15" specs.

So now I have 2 options:
1: fitting new tires
2: Prove that this tiresize was officially delivered by Mitsubishi.

So I'm hoping someone can help me with n°2 (n°1 would be too expensive).
Can someone provide me a copy of some official Mitsubishi documents stating the tiresizes for the 2G Eclipse? Thanks in advance!

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The issue that your regulatory officials are raising is that the rolling diameter of your current tire size is 19.8mm greater than the stock fitment. This means that your speedometer will be reading 97kph if you are actually traveling at 100kph. Which is not too bad, actually.

Tire fitment size calculator:

The '97 GSX model (AWD turbo) came with 215/50/17 tires and the gearing in the transmission for the speedometer input was calibrated for that size. The GS model was calibrated for a smaller OD tire.

Here's an official 1997 brochure that covers all versions in the USA.


Spare Tire Size T125/90D16
Front Tire Size 215/50VR17
Rear Tire Size 215/50VR17

Front Wheel Size (in) 17 x 6.5
Front Wheel Material Alloy
Rear Wheel Size (in) 17 x 6.5
Rear Wheel Material Alloy
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