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i have a set of 215/35/18 tires and i am llooking to get two more, i wanted to know if there would be any problems if i bought two tires that were a different brand then the other two? they would still be 215/35/18
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They shouldn't be a problem. If they are the same size, its not like your car is going to know the difference and freak out. Do it.
As long as it is not a AWD (the new OD vs. old tires worn OD) You sig looks like it is a Tsi so go for it. IMO, I would keep the pair either front or rear.
my car is awd, i have talked to a couple people and they said it might mess up my tcase because of the different tred on the tires. so ill just have to spend more cash and get the same tires
tread it self is not going to mess up the tranmission, different tire size will, you can have 4 different tires on an awd it the car wont care as long as they are all the same size, now, you put a 17" with a 225/45 on the front and a 18 with a 215/40 on the back and you can kiss your viscous coupling good-bye

but like i said same tire size= no issues
also the transfer case wont get messed up unless ran out of oil or beaten up badly, all it is is gears
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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