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I own a '92 Laser RS AWD turbo.
The other day the throttle was feeling funny.
I pulled it over and it did not move freely at first then it went free.
I drove it home and then the check engine light came on.
I read the code and it says that the throttle position sensor is faulty.
The engine runs , but is at 1100 rpm then back to 700 rpm back and forth.
Then it started giving black smoke.

My question is: How do I change this unit.
Do I need to remove the fuel rail?
And do I have to adjust the new TPS unit?? Or can I just mark the faulty one and install the new one.?

Is there anyplace (like VFAQ) where I can get info on replacement?

thank you-
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If you have a logger your TPS should read 10%. You can adjust it by loosening the screws and turning it in either direction it needs to be untill it is at 10%. If this doesnt work.. just switch it out for another one.
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