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Trade for DSM in midwest

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I posted my car for sale on another website so im going to take that description and paste it here. My car is worth between $5500 and 6K so hit me up if you have somthing in that range that you would be willing to trade straight up. What i really want is a Galant VR4 but will settle for any AWD 5 spd DSM in the midwestern area. I have title in hand and it is Clean and CLEAR. The car is the perfect sleeper, a 4 door sedan with over 200wph :D, great for anyone that wants a fast family mobile ;).

I have a 97 5 spd Nissan Maxima SE in Deep Evergreen color. All the options including dual power and heated leather seats, Auto climate, Moonroof, Bose speakers with DVD/MP3/VCD/CD deck and Microvision 7" monitor indash. Mods on it currently include, FSTB, Warpspeed y pipe, Frankencar intake w/ Apexi filter, Technosquare ECU, Greddy SP muffler, 5th gen clutch, SS clutch line, SRE short throw shifter, rewired corner lights, clears, AE blackhoused headlights, Maxspeed springs on Tokico struts, some underseat neons and some other small stuff like prewired for amp and subs ect.

In terms of maint, everything has been done by myself and is ready to go. All O2 sensors have been replaced, Maf was just replaced less than 1000K ago, Redline MT90 tranny fluid just chaged 500 miles ago, that fluid change was part of installing a brand new 5th gen clutch kit(equal to stage 1 alot better grip than OEM), New axles and axle seals, Brand new starter and Everstart MAXX battery. There is no rust on the catback at all. All oil changes done on time with Mobil 1 10-30. Mechanically this car is in topshape! The car has exacly 150K. There is no drivability issues, no gear grinds or strange noises in the tranny or the engine. The car absolutly does not show its milage at all, It is really a GEM.

Im gonna say im looking for $6000 OBO, that may be a little high but with the time and money ive put into it so far its not a far stretch. Now i live in Appleton, WI which is up by the Greenbay area but i often pass down through Milwaukee area and down to the Chicago area sense thats where my fiances rents live so i can deff meet anywhere inbetween for a testdrive ect. If you want any more info or pics of a certain part or anything please let me know. You can contact me through PM or Email at [email protected]

Again i copy and pasted that AD into here, what im looking for is either a sale of this car or a trade for any 5spd AWD DSM in the range of $5500-$6000 in the midwest area. If you have one youd be interested in trading please send an email to [email protected]
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also if anyone wants more pics or videos send an email aswell
Hey, I don't know if you would be interested in something like this. http://www.dsmtalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=138399

Just give me an email at [email protected]. I'd rather you see it in person rather than relying on my description. The car has a couple extras now.
i would trade you my 91tsi awd i live in southern iowa my car runs good besides the throw out bearing is out of my car but it still drives everything is stock
lol so im assuming the tranny is off then? why did u take the throwout bearing out?
1992 Eagle Talon AWD 5 speed 6 bolt/4 bolt combo


The engine runs fine, idles fine, no smoke. It revs very smooth. The turbo is good as far as i can tell. Its never been beyond stock boost levels.

The body is ok aside from the dent on the drivers side and passenger side quarter panel. The paint is actually pretty glossy and once you get the quarter panels fixed, the body will be pretty good.

The interior is decent. The rear is missing some panels, but overall its pretty clean. A good day or two of straightening everything out will be fine.


The clutch fork broke. I dont know 100% because i have not taken out the transmission, but i am almost certain. The transmission is good though because it will go into all gears. The other driveline parts are good as well

At the VERY WORST, youll need a new tranny and clutch..but like i stated, i am sure its just the fork.

The car is not driveable.

The car is located about 1 hour north of chicago in gurnee, IL.

I am taking offers.

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i actually am no longer looking, im sorry i didnt post earlier. lol dang too about the car because my fiances fathers house is only 10 min away from gurnee!
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