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trans problems,help before i burn it

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ive looked thur the forums but i cant seem to find any problem like mine,so maybe some one can help,ive got a 94 talon a/t 1.8 the trans wont take reverse and when you put it in drive it jumps in and out of gear but wont move,kinda like its slipping before it goes in to gear,before we rebuilt the trans it was in limp mode,weve had it out like 5 times,we have replaced the front pump and the tc,now it wont even move except for the lunging that it does,i bought a used tcu but it said it was for a 2.0 is there a diffrence in it and a 1.8.if there is some one that has had this problem or might have a suggestion on how to fix it ,it would be great,thanks

talon phreak
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If the TCU that you got is for a non-turbo it will work. The problem could be TCU or solenoids.
try the shift linkage, make sure its adjusted properly. Mine would pop out of reverse, then I adjusted the linkage and its good now.
Sorry, thought I was in the manual tranny forum.
thanks everyone im still trying to find the problem so i guess once more out it comes
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