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alright guys, after doing some logs on the palm, i need to figure out my phantom knock, and i need some help interpriting my logs.

2800rpm-6539rpm 2nd gear
knock started at 43 and ended up at 36
Timing was 0 min, and a max of 5 deg at 6468 Rpm
o2's were a constant .90-.91
airflow max was a max of 1606hz
accel enrich stayed at 0% through the whole log
my fuel hi trim was 130% and the mid was 137%

3rd Gear
RPM was 4656 to 6531
Knock was a max of 1 at 5343 RPM
Timing started at 18 and ended up at 21 deg
o2's were constant .90 except when it had 1 count of knock, then it dropped to .88
Airflow was 1606hz
Accel enrich and trims are same as above

Where am i getting the knock from, and could anyone help explain my fuel trims if they are good or bad.
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