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Turbo install, which support is necessary to prevent blowup???

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Ok so I'm getting my car completely overhauled. I have a 97 TSi FWD, and I'm getting the tranny rebuilt, new 2100 clutch and light flywheel, timing belt, water and oil pump, engine mounts, SS clutch lines, the works.

I also want to put in a new turbo at this time. I don't want much more than an EVO 3 16g or something of similar power output. I also don't want to spend too much money right now. There is already a 3" o2 downpipe and exhaust, ported exhaust manifold, intake, and supra SMIC with upper IC pipe/greddy type S BOV on the car. I know I am going to put on a 255 fuel pump with FPR for sure, but I am wondering about other fuel parts. I have been told I will NEED an S-AFC to make sure the car doesn't blow up, even without new fuel injectors. Is this correct? I didn't think an SAFC could do much of anything if you don't have bigger injectors. I would put in 550s, but I don't have the money for all of that right now. Also, I was told I should get hard intercooler piping all the way around for sure, or even put in a FMIC. As this would be 500 bucks for the FMIC kit or 200 for the SMIC piping, I want to make sure if I need it or not. I want to run around 16 psi if I don't put on new injectors, and down the road if I get to new injectors I would probably put in an FMIC anyway, but I would probably pump it up to 18 psi or so.

Please let me know what you think!
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If you have the money, get dsmlink and the biggest injectors you can afford. If not, get some 650's and SAFC/logger. Without injectors you'll be limited to about 12-14 psi on the evo3.
DSMLink is your best bet for ease of tuning and stock like drivability. If you get this and the turbo, then youll know exactly how much boost you can run.

One thing to remember though is the evoIII likes to creep. I have no problems running 15psi, but I ported the crap out of my o2 and turbine housings.

Your car wont blow up because you dont have an AFC. Stock, DSMs try to run in the upper 9:1 afr which is super rich. Youll get more power with DSMLink or an AFC, but your injectors will hold you back regardless.

-Dallas J
well i was thinking of going to 550s injectors at the most, since that's all i should need right?? Also, I know dsmlink is better, but I would need a 95 ECU with EPROM correct? Just the ECU is as much as an AFC, and I don't have that much money. Also, do I need to worry about hard intercooler pipes??? I have the stock piping running to an exhaust expander to 2.5" radiator pipes into my supra SMIC, and then another 2.5" radiator pipe to my upper IC pipe that is a new, hard pipe. I have been told the stock piping will leak a lot, but I don't know if this is true.
You MIGHT be able to get away with 550's, depending on how much boost you run. I'd highly recommend getting at least 660's.
Ive got an evo III. Go with the 660's. your pipnig should be fine for 16psi. just make sure everything is tightened properly. You do not need a fmic, your supra smic is good for your goal. Plus it adds a sleeper touch. One thing though, you did not mention a new bov, for a budget, go with a 1g bov. $35 and a new bosst controller. for a budget get a manual boost controller. Also for your tranny and clutch replacement, also dont forget to replace the flexible rubber clutch fluid line that runs from the body to the bracket on the transmission with a ss one. You can get the kit from here.
yea i already have a greddy type s bov and boost controller. I am also getting SS clutch lines along with a new clutch fork and everything. i asked the shop about 660s, but they said they would be really hard to control with the safc and the 550s should be fine. I'm going to ask them about the wastegate and if it's 34 mm too to help with boost creep. the exhaust mani is ported and the o2 housing that is on the downpipe is huge, so I will probably be ok. Good to hear about the IC though, i don't want to spend 500 more on a FMIC kit.
I vote for do it right, do it once. You could spend a little more now, get DSMLink, larger injectors, have the ability to control your timing and have plenty of growth for the future.

Or spend almost as much, get 550's that you'll have to replace when you get serious about power, and deal with a piggyback lying to your computer about load and airflow giving you extra timing when you don't want it.
For what it sounds like you want to do, going with 660's should be perfect. Also, you won't need to swap out your ECU for an eprom, but if you decide to make any changes later on, you'll need to send the ECU back in so they can update it with the injector changes you've made and such.
Um...wrong. If you're referring to DSMlink, you don't have to send the ecu back at all. The only reason you'd do that is if you want the chip defaults changed for when you disconnect the battery.
yea the "spend a little more now" is my philosophy for everything, and that turned into like 4 grand for parts for everything. I don't really have an extra 800-1000 for dsmlink + eprom right now, although it would be nice.
english724 said:
yea the "spend a little more now" is my philosophy for everything, and that turned into like 4 grand for parts for everything. I don't really have an extra 800-1000 for dsmlink + eprom right now, although it would be nice.

Skip the EVOIII 16G for now, learn how to tune your car properly, then upgrade the turbo when you have money.
If you can't afford to get the supporting mods for a turbo you shouldn't be getting the turbo in my opinion. Have the car setup to take advantage of it and run it safely.....and then get it.

You can't throw all of the stuff on the car with no way to tune it an expect any great results. Without larger injectors you are going to be limited by fuel capacity which can be dangerous with one overboost. You will be limited also by airflow. The 16G has the potential to flow alot of air which without a Safc and injectors will have you hitting fuel cut at any real level of boost.

550s work great on 16Gs. 660s are also a good option for the 16G but IMO you should have an adjustable fuel pressure regulator to actually tune these injectors well with just a piggyback like the Safc.
i am getting 16 fuel pump, FPR and 550 injectors with SAFC. the difference between dsmlinke and the safc is 300-500 dollars, so i am going with the safc. the FPR was always in the works, and now that i know the IC piping won't be a problem i can get the injectors and safc now.
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