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Turbo Upgrades on an A/T DSM

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I would like to hear feedback from guys who run different turbos and how they are liking it with their A/T DSMs. I had read the differences between DSM turbos and would like to know more from guys who run them in their A/Ts ex. I know the T28 spools faster(close to stock), but can an Evo 16G compare to it with good tuning?

Guys with 5sp, please feel free to post too. :D


Car: 1998 Eclipse GSX
Turbo: T25 stock (SBR/FP/AGP...etc.)
HP: 210 flywheel (XXX.XX whp)
Spool: 2700 RPM
Amt of boost: 14 PSI
Fuel: Pump 91 Octane
Cams: stock (HKS, CompCams, etc.)
Tranny: stock

Thanks in advance.
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well i had at first planned to get an evo 16g, because it would be reliable enough for daily driving with no problems. then i thought 18g, but tomorrow i will be ordering another turbo


and ill probably have that on in about a week or two, feel free to pm me ill tell you how it goes.
Upgrading to a larger turbo, especially something like a 20G or even a 16G will make your low end performance suffer. Larger turbos can necessitate a new converter. The stock converter stalls too low and it will ruin your low end.
I was thinking about going the T-28, but then again, I am thinking about an EVO III 16G too.

The latter would require much more porting and polishing in order to get sufficient flow. With the right set-up you can get max boost to go down to almost stock range.

Also tranny build-up will help to overcome the lowend, both in efficiency and in higher stall.
Im leaning towards the Evo3 16G myself. Im only looking for a mild upgrade to my car since it's my daily driver. I just want to make sure that it will spool fast enough since the auto tranny lags anyway.

I want somewhere around 270-300hp.

Shift Kit and tranny cooler will come in later. I have them in the garage for 1.5 years now (ordered from IPT) but cant find the time to install them.
I have a EB16G, and it does great. I get full boost in 1st gear by 3900, and in 3rd I get it buy 3300. It would be sooner, but I have a FMIC kit.
91 Eclipse GSX
93 octane
Big 16g
HKS 272 int/exh cams
NX wet kit w/ 50hp pills
3" Apex'i turboback exhaust
Saw 14psi at the line, 1.72 60' 12.76 @ 108, only mods to the tranny being an end clutch upgrade.

90 Eagle Talon TSi
104 octane
Frank Jr.
1.89 60' 13.58 @ 99mph. For what I've spent, this car runs like ass. But I think a lot of it's problem is the stock intercooler and piping.
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I have an 18g with FMIC (fairly long piping), lag is not problem whatsoever. I think auto lag is a bit overrated. I run an 18g every day, drives smooth. While the 18g isnt a big turbo, its sizeable enough.

1992 Eagle Talon TSI AWD
high 200's
93 octane
havent run the track yet after mods (15.2 stock), thru impromptu street races and feel its a low 13's beast on pump easily.
tranny mods: IPT performance rebuild, shift kit, end clutches.

I think youll be fine with the evoIII 16g (essentially the same as an 18g in size)

Oh, and you have a c5 I take it? :) me = jealous
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Car: 1997 Eclipse GSX
Turbo: T25 blown up (Currently big 16, this weekend, 50trim TD06h-20g)
HP: 210 flywheel (unknown whp)
Spool: somewhere around 2700 RPM
Amt of boost: 17 PSI ( sometimes spikes 21 and holds 19 - reason T-25 blew)
Fuel: Pump 91 Octane
Cams: stock (HKS 262/272 soon)
Tranny: stock
Injectors: 550cc RC
Exhaust: SBR Manifold, N1 turbo back

So far so good, it feels ok, even if this is the first A/T car I have owned. I do plan on doing some tranny upgrades in the near future. I do miss my 5 speed though, I love to shift.

What I love about the A/T though is that it keeps the boost pinned, it never misses a shift ( always around 6200-6300 rpm ) and it pulls like a demon. I can wait to get the upgrade and the tuning done because it should be scary fast. This is the fastest car I have owned. I thought my 91 integra was fast, what a joke.
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need4speedTSI said:
I have an 18g with FMIC (fairly long piping), lag is not problem whatsoever. I think auto lag is a bit overrated. I run an 18g every day, drives smooth.
Amen, brother. :D

I have an 18G with FMIC too and lag is not a problem at all. I had a Big16G before, and this 18G spools practically the same but is more efficient (less knock, according to DSMlink) I believe mostly because it's in a TD06 compressor housing (all TD05H wheels, though).
I run a 60-1 and the lag isnt bad.... I did need to order a stall though from Ipt...
I also run a 60-1 and even though there is a little lag off the start, it's not that bad. But when I brake boost (3200 stall) I can get 14 psi and the car launches. Doesn't matter between shifts because there is no boost loss.

I installed a evo 16g on my wifes 2g awd and she(we) like it alot.Very BIG power differance. Not laggy at all. The car has good topend power now. The stock convertor is plenty for a turbo that size, we can spin the tires on brake boost launch at 19 psi. I would get the fuel upgrades 660s and some kind of fuel computer to get the most out of it tho.
i really cant wait to get my car running with the evo16g, stupid turbo still has an oil leak, hopefully by tomorrow i will over night ship a NEW oil line... gr... stupid install kit, well good luck to me, and i will see how it feels to have REAL power, no t25 :p
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