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Type RS ...BOV....

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Ok well im debating on what blow off vavle to get and the type s is gone, so heres the next option. figured i would start a parts review thread, and let people speak their mind on the type rs...

Spring tension you seme to think works well?(thread count)
Sound like the type s???? or whats it sound like?
how much you paid?

Thanks guys :)
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"This forum is for parts reviews ONLY, hence the name. If your thread does not review a part, it will be moved or deleted (likely the latter).

Do not post here asking for reviews or opinions on parts: do that either by searching this forum or Parts Talk for what you are looking for, or posting in Parts Talk with your inquiry only if you do not find what you are looking for by searching.

These are simple guidelines. This forum was designed to be an archive of customer parts reviews so that people could come here and easily find solid reviews on various products, and not have to dig through threads that just have questions and no answers.

Please follow the rules of this forum and help keep it organized. Thanks."
leaks bad, sounds good, tial is better, done.
geez guys sorry, just thought i would start a thread on a review on it, nevermind. gotta love people these days :rolleyes:
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