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Classified section rules have been updated and changes go into effect 10/20/09. Please familiarize yourself with the new additions because you will be held responsible if they are not followed. Changes are listed in RED.

Please follow these simple rules or your ad will be closed.

NOTE: You must have a minimum of 50 posts and have been a member for 90 days before you can access this section. If you do not meet these requirements but are somehow still able to access this section, do not attempt to post an ad anyway. Eventually we will catch and ban all ineligible ad posters that are flying under the radar.
  1. Please put "FS" for sale or "WTB" want to buy in the subject title.
  2. For sale ads by individuals only and bulk selling is not allowed- Vendors may not post here and Sponsors have their own forum.
  3. You must post a price or OBO offer - ads "testing the waters" are not allowed.
  4. You must post photos or links of photos of the actual items for sale within original post or the thread will be locked. DO NOT CREATE THE THREAD UNLESS YOU HAVE PICS TO POST IMMEDIATELY (It is strongly suggested that the photos include a sheet of paper with the DSMTalk username to show that you are in possession of the items, but this is not a requirement.) If you need assistance with this process, please feel free to PM a member of the moderation team.
  5. Do NOT bump your thread more than once in a 24-hour period. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a temporary ban. Repeat offenders will be banned permanently.
  6. You may NOT put a link or description of your ads in your signature (!)
  7. Ads consisting of stolen goods are obviously not a good idea.
  8. Do not post an ad on behalf of anyone else.
  9. Limit concerns about asking prices to PMs between you and the seller (IE - If you don't like a price, keep it to yourself or send the thread starter a PM with an offer)
  10. Limit your ad to DSM/3si/Evo related material. Examples of unrelated items:
    • Game equipment: game boys, PS2's, Xbox's, etc
    • Home entertainment items: stereos, adult toys, etc
    • Weapons: guns, knives, swords, mace's, etc
    • Sports equipment: hockey masks, chainsaws, rollerblades, etc
    • Non DSM items looking to trade for DSM items
  11. Permitted items:
    • Logging devices: PDAs, laptops
    • Car audio
  12. Make use of the iTrader rating system and let others know of good (or bad) sellers. :cool:
  13. Do NOT post links to ebay or Craigslist ads. If you wish to sell it here, don't include a link to the auction.

    ***Once items are sold or no longer available, please use the report button (
    ) to notify the moderation team so that the thread can be closed. Only the thread starter is allowed to request to have their thread closed.

    Note that we reserve the right to change these rules at any time.

Please report any ads that break these rules by using the
report button.

Thank you.
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