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vacuum line diagram

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Well i've searched through the site and have come across one repeating link that DOSE NOT WORK :mad: for a diagram of the vacuum lines any one got a link that works
i either need to plug all the emissions back up or remove them is there any working link i can use?
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for a 2g


the 1g's are pretty much the same, sorry I couldn't find any links with good diagrams exept for the "race only" setup, which is essentially just the removal of the pvc with a catchcan:

There should be one on a sticker under your hood.
there is no sticker, but thanx a ton guys
ndilo21 said:
ndilo21, you rock for taking the time to save and post those pictures. The diagrams aren't available anymore, even on the wayback links where you found them (I also went through all of the archives earlier today for a local guy...I'll have to forward your tech article to them). thanks!
thanks ndilo21

drcustom said:
even on the wayback links
I'm suprised that the wayback links went down. I though they were permanent. That sucks, because there was some other good stuff on taboo's site.
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