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Valve seals?

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Ok well ive been having this horrible smoking problem which i have been trying to track down for a couple weeks. The turbo was bad, i replaced it, still smoked, replaced a few little things like pcv valve and ran some "Restore" through my motor, and also tried some Bar's Headgasket Repair, and its still smoking like a banshee, even at idle, while boosting after boost, u name it its smoking. A friends dad told me its my valve seals, he said they are probably totally shot. Could this be my problem? BTW It is also burning oil like no tomorrow. I never knew valve seals could cause this much smoke.

the car usually behaves itself in the morning on the way to school like yesterday on my way to school it didnt smoke, on the way home from school it didnt smoke, but on my way to work yesterday it did, my work is like 5 miles away, it smoked at stoplights, while cruisng and i didnt dare try to boost it. This morning it didnt smoke either. when im not boosting it its not a real heavy smoke but it is quite a lot that is very noticeable behind me. its bluish smoke and smells like oil. When i boost it it smokes really bad, do you think my new turbo took a dump on me or is it probably my valve seals?
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