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Vibration help please.

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I have a 90 gsx 5 speed.

At 2500 rpms i have a vibration. It shakes me inside the car just like a bad u-joint, just not as violent. Its pretty isolated around 2500rpms. Doesnt matter if the clutch is in or out, or what gear its in. I Rigged the car so it would stay at 2500rpms and got under it, i grabbed the driveshaft, it was vibrating pretty good, also the transfer case was. I shoved the driveshaft forward toward the transfer case, and it seem to get better, but it could have been in my head. The motor/tranny mounts are tight. I tried to brake torque the motor, there was no excessive movement. Its not the exhaust. The other thing that made me thing, there is 1 pressureplate to flywheel bolt that is sheered off, i no that. But it has been that way for a while and it was fine. Could they be working out? That little inspection cover doesnt allow me to see those bolts :( Any ideas would be great, ive got the front of the car in the air right now, ill try whatever you guys think. Thanks.

PS: going down the road, when i give it gas it seems to get better.
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