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Review - VRS Exhaust Systems

Product - 2.5" Aluminized Mandrel Bent Downpipe - 1g Fwd - $205 shipped (

So I needed a 1g Fwd 2.5" Downpipe and searched but seen very little options.
Meagan racing has a 3" stainless for $150 shipped (ebay) that bolts to stock o2 housing but 3" outlet side wouldn't bolt to my current set up.
So I reluctantly ordered this DP for $205 shipped (stainless would've been $275). It's more than I wanted to pay but VRS Exhaust was recommend by DSM community.

Placed order and received DP in about 2 weeks. Part looks good to me out of box but I'm not a welder or fabricator and included pics here.
One thing though, I'm not sure if rear flange of DP was positioned correctly or not but it did not align with my TP. It may be my fault (not sure) since I've messed around with TP + rear pipe in the past and flanges may have gotten misaligned.
So I cut my rear exhaust pipe just after the flange in order to turn it to match TP flange and reconnected cut section by overlapping with short section of pipe and securing with cement + u-bolt clamps.

The Downpipe length was good and the overall fitment on car seems real good .

DP did not come with a hanger bracket in the front or middle of pipe like stock ones do. I'm thinking it may be ok since flex section is shorter than stock and since the whole think looks and does feel solid once bolted to car with not appearing much of needing the middle hanger bracket. Came with 2 good gaskets + bolts.

In one night of driving didn't notice much in sound or performance improvement but in my case it was replacing a 2.5" press-bent aluminized dp so wasn't expecting much if any changes.

Initial contact with VRS was via email to ask question about DP + warranty etc and they responded quickly and answered all questions. Tracking was provided as soon as they shipped so I knew when to expect it. Part was custom made after ordering so receiving it in about 2 weeks seemed reasonable.

Overall satisfied and will update if need be.



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