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want to convert front weel drive 1992 eagle talon dl to rear weel drive talon

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hey i have a 1992 eagle talon fwd that i am trying to conver to rear weel drive it is a non turbo engine beu i am compleatly rebuilding the engien and turbo chargeing it, but i need to know what mods i need to do what kinda rear weel drive trans will mont up with no problem someone told me that the chevy s-10 trans mounts up some one please help me i am trying to get my baby up and running by mid summer
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I hope your motives for this project are NOT to have a quick car. Not to discourage you but like many other people on this site will say, you would be better off buying a turbocharged AWD DSM and converting it to just RWD. Best of luck with the project though.
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